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Pond Building – Ponds by Michael Wheat

The Pond Design Specialists

We have visited hundreds of clients who want ponds installed in their garden. Some want to spend their Saturdays relaxing in the sun with a glass of wine; others want to spend a few hours wildlife hunting with their children; while a few want a social space to enjoy with friends and family. (Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?)

We get great satisfaction from creating something beautiful from nothing. To be able to bring your dream pond to life is even better. Nothing beats that feeling knowing that a customer’s dream of the "perfect" pond has turned into a reality.

Pond building is a specialist area, and we want to create something that is visually stunning, architecturally pleasing and artistically appealing.

Digging the hole and installing the edging is the easy part and the "dig-a-hole-stick-a-liner-in" is a million miles from our approach. There’s so much more to creating a beautiful, low-maintenance pond than that and the passion of our team on-site brings our specialism, professionalism and creativity to your dream pond design.



Passionate Perfectionists

Wildlife ponds are our passion. We’ll have a host of innovative ideas to show you. All of our wildlife ponds come with carefully concealed pumps and filters (unless you request otherwise).

We're not just passionate about garden ponds. We’re perfectionists too. For us, the moment you can see a liner on a pond, it looks artificial. So this is what we do to hide the liner:

- Stone line the bottom of the pond liner.
- We use river boulders to edge the pond.
- We cover the liner with pebbles and stone, only using pond-safe stones and pebbles.
- We carefully select up to 15 different sizes of pebble, providing a natural and unique look.

We're also experts at building natural waterfalls to blend in with your particular garden area and scenery.

Our painstaking approach will set your pond apart from any you’ve seen before.

Koi Carp Specialists:

Forgive the pun, but Koi ponds are a different kettle of fish altogether!

They demand bigger filters, different pond shapes and special build requirements entirely. We tend not to favour the bottom drains and fibre-glassing method. Unless you’re an expert Koi keeper, this is expensive and highly technical. We build ours with liners. We then cap them with slabs and sometimes stone. We also like to include exciting and elaborate waterfalls in your design.

Koi ponds are like picture frames; creatively displaying the fish in their habitat, while optimising their health and well-being. We’ll design your Koi pond so that it’s exciting and aesthetic while retaining the necessary technical specification.

Take a look at these images. Don’t these Koi ponds look great?

What to Know More?
It's simple. Whether you're looking for a brand new Koi pond, a standard garden pond, or maybe you need your current pond upgrading and refurbishing; you'll receive the very best advice on the most appropriate fish and the best plants to complement them in your garden. Pick up the phone or send an email. We'd love to hear from you.

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