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The Michael Wheat Story

My story started eight years ago working for my parents who had a garden centre. I got into the trade, and after six months was drawing up plans for the client's designs. I quickly established a strong, deep knowledge of plants. After a couple of years, we moved premises, and I started to get involved in ponds. I had help along the way, and a friend of mine Tom Williams (who I later employed but don’t know) gave me a good basic understanding. From there I studied hard at my craft, learned from my mistakes and built a few ponds.

Unfortunately, the country was in turmoil financially, and the family-run garden centre struggled to get off the ground, which left me with a difficult choice. At this point, I decided that I would set my own business up specialising in garden design and pond building.

I had two children, a wife and a mortgage and that had to come first, and the reason I went on my own and didn’t work for anyone was that I wanted control of my destiny. I would succeed or fail on the effort I put in. I also put a lot of credit to the amazing organisation I’m part of BNI, which has made all this possible.

Nearly five years later and we have a small fleet of vehicles; I have the most amazing staff, and we are completing the best work I have ever done in my career to date with every project as exciting as the last.

But the most important thing in business is the people you have around you as the saying goes “show me your friends and I will show you your future”. Without the amazing support I’ve had, firstly from my wife Gemma, my foreman Lindsey, the staff, my family and all of BNI contacts (in particular Duncan Webster), this would not have been possible.

I am now in control of where my life goes from here, but it all started with that belief and leap of faith. Just make sure you know why you are doing it first.

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